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Family Sports Guide is a fun, family-friendly, educational website and online resource that talks about everything sports-related so you can have fun being active with your family at any level. Because even if your backyard isn’t big enough for a full-sized soccer field, you can still play a fun pickup game with your family. That’s why this is your family sports guide – and we’re here to provide you with the information we’ve learned along our own path.

We help you have fun being active with your family – by giving you information and answers so you can enjoy a more active, fulfilling family life.

Our FamilySportsGuide.com Mission

Our Story

Hello, fellow sports fanatics and wannabes! I’m Kimberly. Thanks for visiting FamilySportsGuide.com!

I come from a family that’s big into athletics, and I played competitive sports of all kinds all the way up through high school level. I didn’t get any collegiate scholarships, but I played intramural sports through college anyway!

My husband, four kids, our pets, and I love being active together. We live in Kaysville, Utah. We’re trying new sports while we help the kids find activities they can enjoy now and for the rest of their lives to help them stay active and healthy.

We’re learning a lot about the sports we love, those we enjoy, and those that aren’t our favorites, and the journey is an absolute blast!

In order to keep all of this information free and available, we do use ads on this site. So the ads aren’t there to spite you, I promise. They’re there to help us be able to take on the next sports project – which we’ll share with you right here for free.

All of the links, products, and companies that we recommend on this site are ones we’ve used and trust. If, for any reason, you’ve got a problem with them, feel free to email us. We’ll look into it and remove the link if need be.

We hope you enjoy what we’ve put together here. Please let us know if you’ve got any questions, comments, or concerns – we’d love to know ways we can improve this website and online resource.

We aren’t experts by any stretch – but we’re learning, adapting, and sharing what we’re learning right here on Family Sports Guide. So if we’ve helped you in any way, we’d especially love to hear and share that!

Thanks for stopping by!


Our Team

Greg and Kimberly are a husband-and-wife dynamic duo – and the rest of our team is comprised of our kids, pets, extended family, and friends.

  • Kimberly has played competitive sports of all kinds. In high school, she lettered four times as a varsity swim team member, got 2 varsity golf letters, and was on the softball and basketball teams. She also played intramural water polo and took a martial arts class in college.
  • Greg enjoys being active and healthy with the family. He’s still looking for his favorite sport.

Our 4 kids are amazing – we have 3 boys and then our youngest is a girl. They are each vibrant individuals who love being active and trying to learn new sports.

  • Our oldest boy is the tactician, so he loves sports where he gets to strategize! He’s less fond of sports with balls, as they tend to be attracted to his face.
  • Our second oldest boy loves anything active! He especially loves climbing sports and martial arts.
  • Our third boy loves his kung fu class, and was heartbroken when the pandemic put a pause on his soccer season. Now that sports have resumed, he wants to not only get back to soccer, but also try all the things!
  • Our daughter loves trying new things, and is just trying out martial arts for the first time. She also wants to try all the other sports and activities her friends do!

Our Site is Growing

As of yet, Family Sports Guide is still a work in progress – and it’s still growing. But it is growing – and we’d love you to grow along with us.

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